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The 2001-2002
Pennsylvania School Report Cards


School Report Cards are part of the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA). The information contained in the School Report Cards is meant to assist public school personnel and all citizens in evaluating a public school's qualities. The School Report Cards may provide valuable information for discussions aimed at making decisions to improve the quality of the public education system serving the children of Pennsylvania.

The purpose of this report card design is to provide information that is easily accessible and meaningful to all Pennsylvania's public school system customers. Many indicators used in our new school report card design resulted from customer feedback from school district/vocational-technical school representatives along with parents and businesspersons. Any information missing in the School Report Cards is an indication that data was not available from any of the sources listed on the final page of each School Report Card.

Report Card Levels

State Report Card. A state-level report card is available that summarizes the information displayed on the district- and school-level report cards.

District Report Cards. A district-level report card is generated for all school districts and AVTS. This report card contains information for several indicators that are not available at the school level as well as school-level indicators that can appropriately be aggregated to the district level.

School Report Cards. A school-level report card is generated for all schools. PSSA results are displayed for grades 5, 8, and/or 11, as appropriate. Several indicators, such as graduation rate, are only displayed for high schools.